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Simplifying the Retirement Process

At RetireBridge Advisors, we focus on helping clients create personalized financial plans to navigate the life transition of retirement successfully.

Each client’s situation is unique, and we believe that all plans should be crafted with equal consideration of personal priorities and financial circumstances. Our advisors will help you create a comprehensive and flexible plan that represents what’s most important to you while approaching, entering, and living through your retirement years.

When work stops or becomes part-time, a retirement income plan addresses how to replace a regular paycheck with other stable sources of income to meet expenses. In retirement, you will likely face unexpected circumstances (and expenses) at various times over the years. At the same time, you might have the desire to spend more in the short-term — if you can afford it — or might have long-term financial legacy ambitions, such as estate plans to leave assets to loved ones, or intentions to support favorite charities through bequest commitments. An effective plan will allow you to balance your essential income needs, personal goals, and risk tolerance while keeping pace with the reality of today’s financial markets.

We offer our clients holistic financial guidance to navigate the short-term and long-term decisions around plans to retire and any circumstances that might arise in retirement. As you approach retirement, our team will assist in navigating the marriage of retirement accounts, public or private pensions, annuities, and brokerage accounts, in addition to helping you make critical decisions about benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.

Navigating the Retirement Transition

We work with clients either independently or jointly — our clients include individuals who are single, divorced, or widowed, as well as couples who are married or partnered — at various stages of life and diverse retirement preparation levels. Each client’s situation is different, and we believe that all plans should be crafted with equal consideration of personal priorities and financial circumstances. Our mission is to get to know and understand your needs, wants, values, and long-term goals.

We want to help you develop, implement, and monitor a comprehensive and flexible strategy that’s designed to address your personal goals and changing needs while approaching, entering, and living through your retirement years. 

We prioritize the management of key retirement risks:

LONGEVITY — Longer life expectancies mean more time to enjoy retirement, but the risk of outliving your assets can be a reality. Deciding when to retire and considering flexible solutions for a reliable, consistent, lifelong income is essential to every plan.

INFLATION — The continual rate of increase in prices across global markets is unavoidable. Inflation rates over time require careful attention to ensure that your current sources of retirement income are keeping pace with the market.

LOSS OF A SPOUSE — The retirement income plan of a couple must consider the potential death of a spouse to ensure that the survivor will continue to be able to rely on your shared planned income and benefits.

MARKET UNPREDICTABILITY — Fixed investments and equities vary and can change in value over time, creating vulnerability for income streams. It is important to employ diverse strategies to combat market volatility and generate more reliable returns.

RISING HEALTHCARE COSTS — Rapidly accelerating healthcare expenses are resulting in mass affordability challenges, and projections indicate costs will continue to rise. Your plans must account for these increases.

AGE & HEALTH-RELATED CHANGES — Later in life, certain health challenges and personal care needs might require caregiver assistance or long-term care, including nursing care. Whether or not you'll face these scenarios, having a plan for how you'd deal with them will benefit both you and your loved ones.

Today, most retirees do not have sufficient income from the combination of both Social Security and company pensions to meet their long-term financial needs.

Anyone approaching retirement must carefully consider how they will convert their preexisting assets and retirement accounts into regular income on a long-term basis. The task is complex, and effective solutions must address reasonable income needs and personal financial goals with a keen sensitivity to the common risks of retirement.

As unprecedented changes affect our personal lives, the investment environment continues to evolve in unforeseen ways. A good plan will be flexible and able to react quickly to new circumstances. With retirement, the stakes are high — a plan failure could result in running out of money at an age when returning to the workforce is no longer possible.

What is most important to keep in mind is that at 50, 60, or even 70+ years of age, there are viable paths to a financially secure future in retirement. If you don’t have a specific plan, it’s time to act. If you have a preexisting plan, it’s essential to regularly review your strategy and adjust as needed to the changing financial landscape.

Our team is always available to help review your plan and provide informed guidance on how to maximize your future outcomes in the current market climate.

Those who plan for retirement are, on the whole, more successful, less worried, and more likely to report increased life satisfaction as compared to their peers.  [x]

Developing a successful retirement plan requires specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based action steps.

Our process begins with a comprehensive discovery session to learn about your retirement vision. The RetireBridge team wants to know your goals, needs, wants, wishes, and concerns. Each experience is tailored to you, but below is a general summary of the key steps in our RetireBridge client planning process.

  • We establish a retirement timeline based on the information you provide and an assessment of your personal risk tolerance
  • We review your data and perform a thorough analysis of all existing retirement accounts and assets
  • Our team performs a Social Security audit and analysis; provide enrollment guidance and assistance
  • Advisors analyze your Medicare eligibility and provide enrollment assistance
  • We develop recommendations and strategies tailored to your personal situation to form a working strategy
  • With permission, our team will consult with your estate planning attorney, tax professional, and/or insurance agent to ensure your plan is in sync with all other pertinent services
  • Based on strategic feedback, we work with you to create a living plan that is revisited annually to reflect changing circumstances
  • We initiate the implementation of your plan
  • Our team will follow up to check in; ensure your initial satisfaction and answer any questions
  • We coordinate ongoing plan maintenance via your personalized client service calendar for annual and mid-year plan reviews
  • Throughout the year, we send client updates such as including market and policy news, announcements about educational webinars, and our quarterly RetireBridge newsletter
  • Advisors are always available by email and phone to set up meetings to answer questions, address any concerns, or consult on unexpected changes, as needed

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